This is my second post in the Ultimate Blogging Challenge for January – 31 blog posts throughout the month.

In keeping with my previous post, (see here) I’m breaking the task down into smaller, more manageable chunks. I’ve got a list of topics and some blog titles that I want to cover during the course of the month – but nothing is set in stone, I’ve got built-in flexibility, and I need it.

Obviously, the idea is to post one post a day, but I’ve fallen behind as it’s already the 4th Jan and this is only my second post. Stuff happens that we don’t or can’t plan for and sometimes schedules are forced off track. No biggie. Life happens!

Now, I AM committed to this challenge and I know I will complete it, but falling behind, although just a little, could may well put some people off from seeing it through, but not me.  I know how hard a job this could be if I let a few days go by without posting.  I know it is possible to research, write, edit and upload a few blog posts in one day, but that sounds like too much hard work for me – it’s like leaving the weeding for weeks only to be faced with a mammoth task later on.

I have associated enough pain with leaving stuff till the last minute to not fall into that trap. Yes, I might slip up now and then, but I’ve made the decision to get the job done, so I’ll get myself back on track and carry on.

It’s a useful strategy for motivating yourself towards any goal you are trying to achieve – ask yourself how much pain, discomfort and disappointment will you feel if you don’t succeed. Sometimes focusing on the pain of failure is a more powerful motivator than imagining the pleasure of getting to your goal.

So, how are you keeping yourself on track and motivated?

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Some people love gardening. It seems that they’re always out there, lightly tilling the soil, picking up the odd weed, trimming the lawn, clipping the dead heads. Gardening for them is a passion, they love it and what’s more, the more they work at it the easier it gets. Given time, a gardener can even transform any unloved, overgrown, weedy patch into a place of beauty, enjoyment and relaxation.

I don’t much like gardening. I cut the lawn when it really needs it – and boy, what a job; the grass is usually so long it takes umpteen empties of the grass box.

When we weed, it’s a major task, involving back-breaking removal of huge clumps of weeds.  We block out a few days in the diary to carry out the task and we’re exhausted and sore by the end of it.

Weeding and mowing the lawn are just two gardening tasks we manage to make so difficult for ourselves – there are others too, but I reckon you get the picture.

It’s a vicious circle: I hate gardening, so I leave it until the jobs are massive and painful – therefore I hate gardening.

Of course, I should do little and often. Pop out every day or so; nip a few weeds, a few dead heads, mow the lawn regularly so I just get one grass box full.

It’s exactly the same for your business – in fact it’s the same for any change (and maintenance program) you want to effect for any part of your life.

Today is January 2nd, a traditional time for people to focus on change and at this time of year we call them New Year’s Resolutions.

Have you made any? Are any of them biggies? I mean, huge tasks that you’re really not looking forward to, or are just so big that the thought of even starting them scares you?

If they are, then you’re looking at your desired changes the way I look at weeding – and we’re both wrong.

Change can be easy, no matter how large the challenge. We simply need to work at it in smaller chunks, a bit at a time, on a regular and consistent basis.

Be an expert gardener for your business, for your life. Love your life and your business and tend to them regularly – you’ll look upon change, no matter how big, as a welcome challenge because no task will be overwhelming.

Invest in “little and often” and you’ll enjoy more success and discover more time to enjoy both your business and your life.


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